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Remote Start

Never get into a cold car again! Enjoy the convenience of starting your car with the push of a button from your warm home!  A 2 Way remote receives a signal back from your remote starter confirming it has started and still running!

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Compustar One Way Remote Start

  • 1000Ft Range
  • 2 One Way Remotes Included
  • Includes 1 Bypass And Install
  • Lifetime Warranty



Compustar Two Way Remote Start 1wg9-sp-large

  • 3000Ft Range
  • 1 Two Way Remote
  • 1 One Way Remotes Included
  • Includes 1 Bypass And Install
  • Lifetime Warranty



drone-mobileCompustar DRONE Mobile Remote Start

  • Unlimited Range
  • Uses Your Iphone Or Android Phone
  • Can Use On Multiple Phones
  • Includes 3 Free Months Of Service
  • Includes Bypass And Install
  • Lifetime Warranty




Some vehicles may require an additional bypass. Manual transmission vehicles will need additional wiring and are not available on basic remote starts.  Some Additional parts may be required for manual transmissions.

A remote start will benefit you and your family as well as your car!  When it is below 0 degrees outside it is not good on your motor to just start it and then start driving right away!  You should allow the motor to run for 10 – 20 minutes before driving in these cold conditions.  This will allow the motor to warm up and not have as much stress on it!  This will also allow time to defrost windows and allow the interior to warm up so you do not freeze in your car!

Yes you can use your remote start in the summer to cool your car down when the thermometer skyrockets up around 3 digits!

Remote starts have safety features not allowing a thief to steal your car while it is running!  Don’t chance having your car stolen by starting it with the key and going back inside.

Remote starts can save you the hassle of getting a ticket for leaving your car unattended while running with a key in the ignition!

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